[:en]Vindland: Hanter Savet[:]

[:en]vindland_albumVindland: Hanter Savet
Date of release: 20th March, 2016
Label: Black Lion Productions
Genre: melodic black metal
Grade: 4.5/5

My love towards the record label Black Lion Productions is growing all the time. They released Seraphical Euphony by Hyperion, which was just awesome, and now it is Hanter Savet by Vindland. I am going to tell you a little bit of this and that about this masterpiece.
Vindland started off from Brittany, France in 2007, they recorded a demo, and an EP in 2009, played some concerts and then split up. Later in 2016 they were reborn and recorder their first full time album and made something worth listening to. Frankly, a debut album is rarely this good. But let’s see, why.
The first interesting thing about them is, that they sing in breton language, which is the native minority language of Brittany. Of course, musically speaking they are not that extraordinary, their music is rather similar to Windir, especially if looking at the atmosphere the whole thing radiates. The centre of the music is definitely delivered by the guitars, I fell in deep love with the melodies produced by it. I know this may seem silly to you if you haven’t listened to the album, but the music is harsh and black, but easy and melodic at the same time. Yes, this merciless-soft music is a really weird oximoron, but believe me, it exists, and exactly this is what makes this album individual.

Listening to this music feels like a sea storm, but not in the negative way. When your little wooden boat gets thrown by the wind and and almost swallowed up by the waves, yet you are not frightened, because the whole thing gives you a huge boost of adrenaline. It has black metal, it has dark atmospheres, but at many places it is very much correct to call it ’beautiful’ and other positive adjectives. It is very easy to listen to and to process the experience, maybe also because of the piano and the acoustic guitar parts here and there.
However, the guitars still dominate the music so much, that I can almost visionalise, that there is the guitarist of the band int he middle of the stage, playing those eargasmic riffs, while the others are supporting him in the background, only enriching his enchanting music. The melodies recall the feeling of pagan folk metal bands, but it isn’t anything like those cheerful beermetal bands, so do not worry. Probably a pure folk metal album or black metal album would tire me after an hour of listening, but this album is so versatile yet feels as a whole, that I actually press the repeat button after the album has finished its playtime.

I think it was actually great for the band to take such a long time of rest, because I think this way only their very best songs made it on the album. All the songs are catchy as hell, so when you listen to the material for the first or the second time, you might have a hard time to digest all those epic parts. I am not saying this album is something completely new and until now, unseen, because Windir used to make something similar, but I actually prefer Vindland, because they differ in the grade of melodicness and softness to my liking.

Review: Éva Katona[:]


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