[:en]FEZEN 2016 – DAY 1[:]

[:en]FEZEN 2016 – DAY 1

Last Wednesday I travelled to Székesfehérvár because my favorite groove metal band DevilDriver from California finally came to Hungary and it was my dream to see them. Now at FEZEN I had the chance for that. So I decided to go there for a day, and I gathered a lot of experience during this short time.
FEZEN is not a metal-only festival, the line up is very colorful, with headliners like Skindred, DevilDriver, Children of Bodom and Infected Mushroom.

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Devildriver was the first band on the metal stage, who started at 6:30 PM. I arrived pretty early so I walked around the festival, and here the problems started. It was the 19th FEZEN already, but it seems like it was organised for the first time by some amateurs, because basic things were missing. There weren’t enough trash-bags and shower+toilet containers, the staff had no information about anything, the area in front of the stage was full of ROCKS, and I couldn’t find an emergency tent. Those who won the meet&greet had to search for the place for hours. The biggest problem was the open air DISCO between the two main stages. It was fuckin’ disturbing to hear the disco music between the songs.
Of course, not everything was bad. There were two main stages, so two headliners never played at the same time, and there were many beer taps, so we could get beer quickly.

Although DevilDriver was the first band of the day, many people showed up. Unfortunately they started twenty minutes late. Then the intro started, finally the musicians entered the stage. They started with one of their hits, End of the line. The sound was horrible from the first row, but eventually it got better. The crowd instantly went crazy and made a huge moshpit. Not only the crowd was enthusiastic, but the band too. The singer (Dez Fafara) talked a lot to the fans. It was funny when the guitarist (Mike Spreitzer) told him to speak less and play more. The fans were happy because the band played a „festival” setlist, with old and popular hits like These Fighting Words and I Could Care Less. Of course they played some stuff from the latest album as well. There was also a special song. The band covered an Awolnation song called Sail. It’s a slower and more melodic song, so the crowd began to sing together. The people could relax, which was useful, because the upcoming song was my favorite and most popular hit, Clouds over California. A huge circle pit started during the first seconds. The result was funny and scary at the same time. One guy got a bleeding wound on his eyebrow, others tried to fix their torn clothes. Despite of the injuries, everybody was fine and wanted an encore. When the last song, Meet the Wretched started, the already tired fans made a final moshpit with maximum power.
All in all, the fans got an amazing concert and a nice performance with good sound. I’m sure, for many people this concert will never be forgotten.

After DevilDriver there were two more bands on the metal stage. First, Skindred made a huge party with their special mix of heavy metal and reggae. I would have never thought how good can it be. I only knew one song by them, from Need for Speed („Nobody”), but the others were really enjoble as well. It was as good as the concert of Dog Eat Dog and Ignite on Rockmaraton.

Children of Bodom was the biggest star of the day, performing as the last band on the main stage.
I had bad feelings about them, because they did a horrible performance on Brutal Assault two years ago. After a boring start, they played a really enjoable and kickass concert with their greatest hits, like my favorite, Needled 24/7. All of this considered, the concert was a very positive experience for me.
There were a lot problems with the organisation of the festival, but the shows compensated the bad things.
There is a lot of room for improvement, but I got what I came for, so, thank you FEZEN festival!

Report by: Dániel Vida[:]


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