[:en]AMON AMARTH, Arch Enemy – Summer Days in Rock, Majano (IT), 7.8.2017[:]

[:en]AMON AMARTH, Arch Enemy – Summer Days in Rock, Majano (IT), 7.8.2017

On Monday, August 7th, on the fields of Majano festival, Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth made the earth tremble as they laid their best song on the screaming crowd of Italy. Arch Enemy is on their tour “As The Stages Burn!” while Amon Amarth goes around the world on “Jomsviking World Tour 2017”.

Concert was opened by Arch Enemy and their latest song “The World Is Yours”. Ravenous was the only song played from “Wages Of Sin” album. Most of the setlist was consisting “War Eternal” album songs. Crowd was moshing and banging while Alissa was jumping on the stage and screaming, shaking the whole town. Circle pits were on point and Amott’s brutal guitar solos made the crowd headbang even more. Alissa was waving the black Arch Enemy flag as they were approaching the end. One of the final songs was their most popular, “Nemesis” which created brutal mosh pits. They played for only 45 minutes but that did not stop them from lighting up the crowd and preparing them for upcoming Amon Amarth.

Amon Amarth opened hard and heavy with “Pursuit Of The Vikings” on the stage amazingly decorated with viking vibe including a huge drum pedestal shaped as a viking helmet. When the crowd was lit, as they reached the fourth song, “The Way Of The Vikings”, two vikings came upon the stage and started fighting among the members of the band until one of them was defeated in an epic duel. Johan Hegg prepared well for Italy as he was speaking Italian between the songs. The song “Father Of The Wolf” summoned Loki on stage to move among Amon Amarth and to amaze the crowd with his horns and glowing eyes. They closed the concert with their most popular song, “Twilight Of The Thunder God” which made an epic dragon (Níðhöggr) attack the stage. Through the song, Johan took his hammer (Mjolnir) and struck down the dragon as they were bringing the show to the end. To finish the performance, the bend had a toast with the crowd as they were drinking from their horns.
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