SAINT VITUS, ALASKA – Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar, 6.6.2015.

SAINT VITUS, ALASKA – Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar, 6.6.2015

Last night Vintage was crowded by young and older generation of fans who came to enjoy in the concert of one of the oldest doom metal bands, influential Saint Vitus.
The best concerts are always those you came to with not such expectatios, but this time it doesn’t refer to the band but the audiece as, unfortunately, lately we don’t see many people. That’s why I was happy to see there were quite a lot people already during the set of local instrumental band Alaska.

(c) Martina Šestić

Alaska that warmed us up with their riffs are instrumental alternative rock band from Zagreb that gathered in 2009 and in 2011 they’ve released an album named „Liars, Beggars And Moonshine“.

Of Saint Vitus performance, as we talk about excellent musicians, I can only laud them. I have to say that this concert was a special refreshment for me at the and of the week as the band sounded more powerful than on studio albums. That is my impression and I think it’s general when it comes to concert in Zagreb. After all, this is their first concert here and it was noticeable they enjoy to play in front of the crowded venue for 20 to 25 years old fans.

Before I express how intensive was last night, I’ll say few words about bands beginning. Saint Vitus is formed in 1978 under the name Tyrant that has been changed to Saint Vitus in 1980. Even today, as we witnessed last night, they play doom on the trace of Black Sabbath. This concert was special due to the fact that as the band member on this tour „The Return Of The Walking Dead“ returned bands original singer Scott Reagers.

(c) Martina Šestić

Scott Reagers sung on the first album „Saint Vitus“ (1984), „Hallow’s Victim“ (1985) and „Die Healing“ (1995) so those who likes and know Saint Vitus opus couldn’t miss this concert. The band has released eight albums so far, latest „Lilie: F-65“ three years ago. This was the unique chance to see Reagers who was heartly welcomed several times during the concert.

Powerful band has started the show with „Dark World“ and event then was very clear that the general impression is going to be more dreary with higher dose of hopelessness and depression that it is on the album.

Guitars and drums were well amplified so the good impression was guaranteed. The next was well known „One Mind“, the song that is perfect to underline Reagers’ voice, and real fans in front rows were happy to sing along (for example, my favorite „Humans programmed like robots/Making sure you don’t belong/No one understands your mind…“). Well, last night I felt like i belog!

„One Mind“ is their popular song and it definitely pulled out all present souls from known cage of everydays rut. At least it effected that way on me. Things are getting faster and in some moments, in musical ways, they’re going away from slow and hopeless doom tone in „War Is Our Destiny“ and another of my favorites, „White Magic/Black Magic“. For me that was probably the best performed son, beside a bit faster song that for sure won’t be forgotten soon, „White Stallions“.

(c) Martina Šestić

What Dave Chandler does on the guitar isn’t necessary to describe by words. The guy is perfectly transposing the meaning of this style, while bass player Mark Adams and drummer Henry Vasquez are stable rhythm framework of the band. The most dynamic moment of the concert for me, there were headbangings and you could read only positive vibes on the faces in the audience.

Near the end, „Look Behind You“ and „Saint Vitus“, as I underlined before, sounded more powerful live than on mentioned studio albums.
We finally had an honor to see one of influential bands of older generation, who was part of forming the genere, in Croatia. I’d like to see Saint Vitus in Zagreb to play the show like they did last night very soon as it is obvious they have the energry for their amazing stuff. For those who follow the band and couldn’t make it to the show – that’s really pity. The audiences response for this concert was good so we hope to keep the tradition of legendary bands, pioneers of their sound, playing in our country.

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Report: Buna Bernarda Juretić
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