THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – Get hurt (CD)Gaslight Anthem Get Hurt


Label: Island
Released: August 20, 2014
Genre: alternative rock, punk-rock
Rating: 9/10

It’s interesting how some albums get so underrated, just because the public (critics included) expect something else (or not really expect anything different for that matter). This is happening with 5th studio album of New Jersey band The Gaslight Anthem. „Get Hurt“ is much more valuable material that ratings reflect.
It is easy to understand why the first albums were received with over the rooftop acclaim – the world needs another Bruce Springsteen, or his heirs. The Gaslight Anthem were those. In every particular detail that was possible. And that was too much. When the band finally managed to spend more time, free breathing, having enough space equally from the public and even from themselves – things developed on a whole another level. Maybe not better, that depends on how you looked at the Gaslight Anthem’s appearance on the music scene, but certainly deeper, profound way – emerging as something else, showing for who they really are. I always considered Linkin Park one of the best contemporary rock bands, but now I’d put Gaslight on their place. Disregard the fame and fortune. Those usually don’t go hand in hand with quality.
I dare to say, only nowadays The Gaslight Anthem is a full-blooded, genuine and original rock band. So is the album. “Get Hurt” is actually a logical follow-up of “Handwritten”, but unique on its own. They didn’t lose “Springsteen mark” (they can’t unless Brian Fallon abandons the band) but evolved it, the rest is just “differently excellent” but genuinely “Gaslight”, which is a feature of the most valuable artists.
Opener “Stay Vicious” is a bit odd choice in consideration with the rest of the material, but I can’t say the song is not developing interestingly. But the best is soon to come, “1,000 years” and “Get Hurt” are great songs. But that is not all, “Red Violins” and “Break Your Heart” are equally strong.
There is a reminiscence of 70-ies rock flavor in some songs mixed up with fresh, “alternative” producing of Mike Crossey (Artic Monkeys) and what I like the most, a flavour of metal rock guitars on totally non-metal album.
“Get hurt” is crafted with knowledge and firm attitude in every way.

1. Stay Vicious
2. 1,000 Years
3. Get Hurt
4. Stray Paper
5. Helter Skeleton
6. Underneath the Ground
7. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
8. Red Violins
9. Selected Poems
10. Ain’t That a Shame
11. Break Your Heart
12. Dark Places

Review: Anastazija Vrzina