Modern_Vintage_album_coverSIXX A.M. – Modern Vintage
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Released: October, 2014
Genre: Hard rock, alternative rock
Rating: 9/10

After a super duper, glam hard rock invasion on world audience in a form of notorious Motley Crue quartet lasting for years and years , its equally notorious chief, Nikki Sixx goes and forms a very different trio named SIXX A.M. in 2006. They look just like Sixx’s old band, but that is all that it is to it.
Vocalist and producer James Michael and vocalist and guitarist DJ Ashba, more known as “a new Slash” in contemporary Gun’s n’Roses were brought in by Sixx to make some music that would accompany Sixx’s book, gloomy, weird, odd and honest autobiography, “The Heroin Diaries”. SIXX A.M. ‘s first album, the soundtrack, reflected the book exactly, and was an accomplished music work as a conceptual entity.
Just as it started to seem SIXX A.M. would serve only as a music background to Sixx’s books – they released the second album also a soundtrack for a Sixx new book, “This Is Gonna Hurt“ in 2014, the band released „Modern Vintage“ and proved that the third is a charm.
A regular studio album not limited by anything it must lean on to, or to be shaped by – shines very bright future for the trio. Even an unexpected one. Published at the time when Sixx is going on the farewell world tour with his old bandmates from Motley Crue, „Modern Vintage“ is a statement that he is not dwelling in the past at all.
I couldn’t think of any better title for the album as it is. It mixes up modern flavour in electronics, bringing out some post dance/disco rhytms into a firm base of the good old hard rock not once to be taken as ridiculous or not appropriate. It’s all there: classic rock schemes with postmodern ingredients such as anthems, arena rock, glam, psychedelia and grunge.
But that is not all. The energy, the vibrance that „Modern Vintage“ conveys to the listener is a real surprise: who would thought that Sixx has still something like that in himself? Michael and DJ Ashba certainly bring a big portion of all that to the table, but it is quite clear that Sixx is the real motor here.
Though, it would be unfair not to comment the two a bit more: Michael is an excellent vocalist and clearly capable songwriteer and producer in particular. DJ Ashba is already proven as inventive and excellent instrumentalist.

Songs difer from rockabily, rock’n’roll, power dance rock rhythms onto hard rock, but if you are expecting heavy metal songs or at least very hard rock ones as known from Motley Crue opus, you will be either disappointed or pleasantly surpised. I need to mention one song in particular that is a remake, not cover, of the excellent Cars song – “Drive”, it’s just fabolous version. Other songs are SIXX A.M. songs and they will bring you on a journey you will like to take often.

SIXX A.M. is not only an object to which Nikki Sixx is pouring into his new, fresh, true inspiration and energy, the band is a real deal now. Album „Modern Vintage“ is a versatile, yet coherent and evenly accomplished album with a number of songs that can „go solo“ even if they are not chosen as singles.

1. Stars
2. Gotta Get It Right
3. Relief
4. Get Ya Some
5. Let’s Go
6. Drive (The Cars cover)
7. Give Me a Love
8. Hyperventilate
9. High on the Music
10. Miracle
11. Before It’s Over

Review: Anastazija Vrzina,