Bring Me The Horizon_SempiternalLabel: Sony Music Entertainment
Released: 01.04.2013
Genre: metalcore
Rating: 9/10

Bring Me The Horizon – this energetic four piece band from England just released their newest album called Sempiternal. Successor of There Is a Hell, Believe Me I Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret that was released back in 2010. New album was released under the label of Sony Music Entertainment. This is their 4th album in career and the first with a distinct difference in music style. First two albums clearly belong in the metalcore genre but Sempiternal shows an interesting shift and it really sounds amazing and different. Sempiternal was recorded during 2012 at Angelic Studio in Banbury, Oxford. Production was done by Terry Date and David Beneth was in charge of mixing. The line-up was changed a little, Jordan Fish joined their ranks and therefore it looks like this: Oliver Sykes – vocal, Lee Malia – guitar, Matt Kean – bass, Matt Nicholls – drums, percussions and Jordan Fish – keyboards, programming.
Sempiternal is one big surprise, foremost to their most devoted fans. Main reason for that is, as I have already said, the shift in the sound which is quite obvious and everyone who expected album to be like Suicide Silence or Count Your Blessings will probably be disappointed. All the aggression and harsh vocals typical for this genre are lost on this record and are replaced by a lot “softer” vocals, keyboards and different knack to the songs. Nonetheless I think this decision is a smart move by the band and worth mentioning simply because it shows that they are growing and are not afraid to try out new things, but I wouldn’t get into discussion why they did what they did and would rather leave it to audience to discuss it on forums. The best example of what they tried to do with this new record, are two songs which were also released as singles “Sleepwalking” & “Shadow Moses”. Keyboards, guitar, vocals, sounds – in short, the construction of those two songs is simply mind blowing and perfectly represent the album. Those two are definitely my favorites along with “Can You Feel My Heart” which isn’t far behind them.
You could also say that is album is more personal due to fact how amazingly good Oliver’s vocal molds and completes the sound of instruments. As a complete opposite I should mention “And the Snakes Start to Sing” & “Hospital for Souls” which stand out due to fact that they are “easier” in comparison to the rest of the album but still fit perfectly into overall picture. “Antivist” is the only song for which you could say that sounds like their older stuff but then also that would be only telling half the truth. In fact it’s quite hard to compare anything because every song on Sempiternal is special in its own way and in my opinion they made a perfect balance of aggression, keyboards samples, riffs, melodies, harsh-softer vocals, therefore I see no point in breaking every song into the details. Simply play the album and let it overtake you from the first time you fully listen to it.

1. Can You Feel My Heart
2. The House of Wolves
3. Empire (Let Them Sing)
4. Sleepwalking
5. Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake
6. Shadow Moses
7. And the Snakes Start to Sing
8. Seen It All Before
9. Antivist
10. Crooked Young
11. Hospital for Souls

Review: Krešimir Kliček