CESAR MILLAN LIVE – Zagreb Arena, 01.10.2014.CesarMillan01102014-4288
World class dog trainer, “leader of the pack” Cesar Millan, extended his super popular TV show on National Geographic Wild channel onto the live shows and hit the road on world tour, coming to Europe as well. Croatian capitol, Zagreb had the pleasure to welcome the show as well.

Not really knowing what to expect in the live show, it certainly could not be of the same format as TV shows, the only sure thing that we knew up front was that there would be a case showoffs with local auditioned dogs and their owners sometime during the performance. The rest was left to a surprise.

There were couple of surprises: Cesar’s show was 2,5 hrs long (including a 20-min break), more than half of the show spent on stories of his early days in Mexico and breakthrough in America, sometimes as a serious tale or totally funny anecdotes, most of them related to US dog owners and their ridiculous habits, and sometimes just fooling round with funny jokes or juicy wits.
It was certainly an unusual to watch Cesar on the stage telling stories without any of his or others’ dogs. Although we saw his two dogs, Junior and Mr. Benson right at the beginning, he actually hasn’t use them later in the show as I expected he would. He did help four auditioned dog-owner pairs to correct smaller dog, or better to say, human misbehavior. And for each he got loud approval of the audience who enjoyed the show immensely.

Cesar proved himself not only as the master of the dog rehabilitation but as a true entertainer as well, even completely without dogs. Right from the start he had taken off his sweater and left standing in Croatian national football T-shirt. Of course it was a great move, but he also may have joked about it, his homeland Mexico beat Croatian naitonal team badly during World Cup this year. But no one seemed to care.

Cesar spent a lot of time explaining his beliefs in “calm, assertive energy” that is, in his opinion with practice proving it, the most and the only essential thing in relationship between a human and an animal, dogs in this case. If anyone did not understood what he actually means with “calm, assertive energy” he was reassured and convinced about it by the end of the show.
You have to give it to him, he know what he is talking about. Even there were with a lot of people in the audience that were actually not any dog owners, everyone related to what he was trying to convey.

Or as he said at the end: “I wanted to become the best dog trainer in the world, but ended up as a trainer of humans, rehabilitating dogs.”
At the shows’ finale positive energy that Cesar communicated was so contagious that the audience wanted to stick around a bit more and get a piece of Cesar himself. So he ended up as a rock star giving away autographs to the fans for more than a half an hour after the show.


Report and photo: Anastazija Vrzina