MAZEFEST: MOONSPELL – Portugal, Almada, Incrível Almadense, 31.10.2014

Spending Halloween night at Moonspell’s concert is a must for every die-hard fan of the band. I was convinced myself yesterday evening in Incrível Almadense concert hall on “the other side” of Tagus river, right across Lisbon, in Almada. The trip itself, from Lisbon to Almada, during Halloween seems a lot like crossing river Acheron – the thin line between the land of living and the land of dead. The only one missing was Charon.
But enough with Greek mythology… Let’s get back to Portugal.
Next year Moonspell will release Extinct, their new album, which was recorded a week ago in Sweden with Jens Bogren and is waiting for finishing touches before it hits the charts. With all that said, it was obvious that this very concert was, in a way, a homecoming party for the band members and their Portuguese fans. It was beyond obvious right from the atmosphere that the band created with casual and friendly communication with the audience. It made me feel I came to a meeting of old friends that have not seen each other in a long, long time. The concert hall was packed full. Ladies in gowns, werewolves, vampires, witches and warlocks were dancing to Halloween tunes and eagerly waiting for Moonspell to enter the stage.
9The band comes all dressed up and masked for this occasion and greets their fans. I was delighted when I heard the concert opener – I’ll see you in my dreams – a jazz standard that was written way down in 1924 by Isham Jones. Moonspell’s version was used for Portuguese short zombie movie of the same name that was filmed in 2004. During the song’s performance the band was joined by three dancers of the group Ignis Fatuus Luna who have perfectly evoked the very much needed zombie atmosphere through their imaginative choreography, mimics and costumes.
The concert setlist brought the title song of their latest effort Alpha Noir and hit from 2006’s album Memorial – Finisterra.
Night Eternal was complemented with magnificent vocal whose proud owner is Carmen Susana Simões – best known as lead vocalist in bands Aenima and Ava Inferi. This not her first collaboration with Moonspell. Apart from Night Eternal, she also handled backing vocal duties on Under Satanae.
As it always happens on Moonspell concerts, Opium once again shows as a mindblowing song for the audience. More three hits from Irreligious followed – Awake!, Herr Spiegelmann and Mephisto.
19I especially loved performance of Vampiria. Three chairs, covered with red velvet, were left in the front part of the stage for the three dancers. Once again they have prepared a great show, this time dressed in white. All that with scene fog, Carmen’s stunning vocals and light show looked and sounded surrealistic and very much vampiric.

It was a well made concert setlist that included many songs from the band’s past. So we even heard Ataegina from Wolfheart that is rarely performed outside Portugal. Alma Mater perfectly works as a last song of the official part of the concert as we sang “alma mater, alma mater” calling the band to come back.
The encore saw two more songs – Everything Invaded, and inevitable, Full Moon Madness that got us all howling into the night.

As absolute concert highlights, along I’ll see you in my dreams, I have to mention Opium, Lickanthrope, Em Nome Do Medo when Rui Sidonio (Bizzara Locomotiva) joined the band carrying Fernando on his shoulders, Vampiria, Ataegina, Alma Mater and, of course, Full Moon Madness.

I’ll see you in my dreams
Alpha Noir
Night Eternal
Herr Spiegelmann
Scorpion Flower
Love Is Blasphemy
Em Nome Do Medo
Alma Mater

Everything Invaded
Full Moon Madness


Report and photo: Martina Šestić