30. – 31.07.2010,  Kuusisaari Island, Oulu, Finland

In town of Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene, in the end of July traditional Qstock takes part. Situated on Kuusisaari island, very close to town centre. Football stadium is on the same island, and how bit town is says the fact that there are five more stages from which one was inside, one under tent and other three outside. There were also many other things as and biggest impact on me had vegetarian food stand (although i am not an vegetarian).
Festival was opened at 4pm by Parisiin Kevat and under tent Aste. As i am not hip-hop lover i went to see Pariisin Kevat. Pop band with impressive visual performance. It was already clear that sound on this festival will be great, because they, although i don’t like this kind of music, sounded great and with, to me, irritating singer, managed to keep attraction. How did they managed that – i don’t know. I guess its just about good and profesional band.
Soon, something you can’t avoid at all summer festivals – rain shower! As festival space was filled with tents, benches, it really wasn’t a problem to find shelter and wait rain to end. And then Elakelaiset were out at 5pm. That definitelly isn’t a band among whose music you will enjoy, despite they play only humppa covers of famous songs, but you will have a great laugh. They sit on the bench like kids and humppa.
Longer rain was falling during Mokoma. And that rain managed to flood quiet a space in front of main stage, VIP tent, foto pit entrance, almoust everything. Organizators took great effort and soon „built“ bridges in most flooded areas.
Chisu was with Irina and Jenni Vartainen the only lady of this festival.
I was most excited about Sonata Arctica, since they are from Kemi nearby, Oulu is something like their hometown. As the audience, i guess, has seen them already maybe too many times, they haven’t been intensively interested. They were the loudest when Toni sang Finnish anthem, and especially twice, when word pohjoinen (north) came. Here and there with Full Moon, Black Sheep, Tallulah, Don’t Say a Word. In the end, there was, already boring, votka.
Sun was shining on day two, some flooded parts have dryed, some were „bridged“m, and i was in only inside area where Koomlava was and where Wacken Metal Battle took part. They played Disare, No Sign Of Life, Battle Beast and Bloodred Hourglass. Although different when it comes to genres (from death, groove, heavy) they were all equally good. It is interesting that in front of every stage area was split in two. For those who drink and those who don’t drink. That amazed me!
After them in the same stage Doom Unit and then domestic Eternal Tears of Sorrow. They had some technical problems, so they were about 15 minutes late, but we have forgotten everything once the show started. Heavy and energic. I was especially amazed by combination of two vocals what sounded fenomenal.
If you thought that glam died, you are wrong! With band from Kuopio it resurrected. Their name is Reckless Love and they literally live glam. Singer, of course, with big hair, blackened eyes, tight pants has even a lip stick. It is clear that David Lee Roth is his idol, as soon as you see his jumps (although they haven’t played Jump). Jumping, posing, clothes changings…. And the moment when he shows his perfect thorso! It is obious that this guy spends lots and lots a time in front of the mirror. All in all – too fun!
And then to the main stage and Amorphis. And again soft reaction! But what can we do about it?! Some performed things were Silver Bride, Perkele, Alone, Silent Waters, The Smoke, and how the concert should be like showed House of Sleep which was sung by the audience from start till the end. For the end they left My Kantele.
Stage was ready for Europe, on the second one was already known Stam1na. I haven’t seen them till the end because I was “saving myself” for Europe, and what I have seen in the beginning was great.
After many years away from Finland, Europe was back. As great intro was Last Look at Eden. Joey tried to speak Finnish, communicated to the audience mostly in English, still. Superstitious, Rock the Night, Cherokee were older ones, but there were some from 2004 from this time, when they “realized that they can’t live without this circus”. Of course, concert couldn’t go without “the song we all know to sing” says Joey in Finnish – Carrie. Whole concert was filled with energy, jokes, great songs and band in the great mood. For the end – The Final Countdown. And wit the last sounds from this song great fireworks followed. It couldn’t end better. All in all, Oulu is a great city, festival space awesome, just like the organization. People warm and generous, if you have a chance to go – you definitely should. In its heart, festival is not only metal and rock, but you will not be left without the good music.

Report and photo: Gordana Beraković