THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture, 09.11.2014.TheGaslightAnthem_09112014-6939
Although, many will agree, a couple of years too late, last night Zagreb finally welcomed long-awaited alt-rock boys from Jersey – The Gaslight Anthem. Currently on tour to promote their fifth studio album in seven years ‘operating’ on the scene, ‘Get Hurt’, they were for the first time presented to Croatia and the region and had no problems with filling a major Tvornica space.
Alongside us, there were Slovenian hipsters at the forefront shouting every word of all songs or those slightly older fans in Springsteen T-shirts that have noticed the band for the first time when the Boss came with them on stage and sang their biggest hit ”59 Sound’ in 2009. Expectations were very high. But before the stars of the evening, from 19:30, support bands Bayside and amazing new discovery, fantastic Deer Tick were warming us. And another nice thing to start the evening – the audience gathered, not in a small number, that early in Tvornica and saw these two bands as they deserved. Maybe we finally learned the culture coming to concerts on time. Exactly at 21.30, as it was announced, all in our places, Gaslight started coming out on stage. Expected opening with the new ‘Stay Vicious’. Brian Fallon from beginning to end pumped, full of energy and with a big boyish smile on his face. So excited to perform for the first time in this area, much to the surprise of all of us, they immediately went to second song, also the band’s biggest hit – ”59 Sound’


Expecting it at the end, the audience for a second amazed, but with the beginning tones and rhythm of drums became wild. Right at the beginning of the concert Fallon said that they were not one of the bands who take a break and allow the audience to call them back on stage at the encore. They are there all the time without a break, and if they need to change, change will be on stage, even if they do not see the reason for it. The following is one of the best from the new album ‘1000 Years’, hit from the last ‘Handwritten’ and inevitable old ‘Old White Lincoln’ which was sang by the whole audience. Fallon impresses with his depth and power of his voice and had no trouble with switching from anxiety humming to high loud and rough sections of the chorus. The band as a perfectly oiled machine slided and rushed through 25 songs and 2-hour gig. The only breaks were Fallon’s, one might say, stoner jokes between songs that only he was laughing at, while the audience impatiently yelled: ”Play old songs!”. Indeed, the only thing missing this gig were old songs from the two best albums Sink or Swim and ’59 Sound. Nine brand new songs were played! It would not be a problem if all those songs weren’t lined up in the middle of the set, and that is probably the most important part of the gig. Although still just as dynamic, gig lost to diversity and pace with the audience. Perhaps the band thought that we have only just found out about them since it took so many years to bring them and because of that they did not want to risk with the old songs. One ‘American Slang’ and let’s say ‘Meet Me By The River’s Edge’ would certainly contribute that the other half of the audience who did not know all the new words, leave their heart to this band as it has, I’m sure, happened last night by these excellent boys from New Jersey to us.

1. Stay Vicious
2. ’59 Sound
3. 1,000 Years
4. Handwritten
5. Old White Lincoln
6. Helter Skeleton
7. Halloween
8. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
9. Howl
10. Old Haunts
11. Get Hurt
12. Biloxi Parish/War Pigs
13. Too much Blood
14. Red Violins
15. Have Mercy
16. Diamond Church Street Choir
17. Dahlia
18. 1930
19. Sweet Morphine
20. Great Expectations
21. 45
22. Dance
23. Diner
24. She Loves You
25. Backseats


Report: Jana Zidanič
Photo: Anastazija Vržina