MARIO BIONDI – Zagreb, KD V. Lisinski, 14.10.2014MarioBiondi_14102014-4926 Mario Biondi, the Italian “Barry White”, the master of soul jazz, held a concert last night at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall and raised almost 1200 visitors to their feet. It was his first performance in Croatia, but certainly not the last, since the love was mutural and highly reciprocated.
For many here Mario Biondi is a complete unknown, unlike his hit „This is What You Are“, for which you would never say it is sung by an Italian, because it is performed in perfect English. However, such an “unknown name” still has its audience, because Zagreb fans pretty much filled Lisinski full, all 1200 of them enjoying a great soul jazz, while the night before Biondi sold out a hall in Paris with 800 seats.
Last night’s show started with a song „A Handful of Soul“, and he quickly captivated the attention of the audience with spontaneity, closeness, and a handful of jokes, not to mention the singing and the incredible bass vocal.
MarioBiondi_14102014-4862In a great mood and clearly satisfied, by the end of the concert he walked through the whole venue, sat in the audience, took photos with the fans and danced during the show.
On this tour, Biondi is promoting his new excellent album “Sun”, but he performed a total of 22 songs and gave an excellent intro to his career/discography to everyone who listened to him for the first time. After a full two-hour show, this chipper Italian closed the concert with his greatest hit, the afore-mentioned „This is What You Are“.
He communicated in perfect English, and only when he wanted to make a joke would he comment on Italian, mostly to guys from the band and he made the audience laugh. Besides the extraordinary talent in entertainment, Biondi is also a great musician. First he delighted the audience when he performed the classic “My Girl”, and later with a beautiful song by the legend of the American pop music Burt Bacharach “Something That Was Beautiful”.
MarioBiondi_14102014-4902The audience greeted him from the hall with ovations and applause, after which hanging out and taking photos ensued, with CD signing at the hallway of the venue.


Report and photo by: Anastazija Vržina