IL DIVO – Zagreb, Arena, 30.9.2014IlDivo_30092014-4190
World music sensation of crossover genre, a quartet of excellent singers, Il Divo – is on the road again. Following their latest album, titled a bit silly, “A Musical Affair” the tour has the same name. Logically it promotes the album and vice versa.
Il Divo has its own circle of public and fans and withing the circle they do extremely well, but the hype surrounding the four handsome guys with slick gentleman style and manners in the initial years of their career has long past. Now they have serious trouble to fill a bit bigger venue. Zagreb Arena that can easily accommodate over 15,000 was looking sadly empty on Tuesday.
Was it that the four are not so much handsome these days, or the hype was actually all about nothing – I don’t dare to presume.
But, two things are certain: the four gentlemen still sing beautifully, they are still elegant and flamboyant, but acutely lack warmth, true emotions and chemistry – the show is very nice especially with welcome addition of the impressive female guest singer, Lea Salonga. The problem is that the show visibly reflects what is going on among the members of the group: apparently the four is in the group only for the money, as it is reported they even do not speak much to each other or socialise as other bands do. Some say that some even hate each other.
Even if all this is not true, something is not really well in the group.

The albums are musically enjoyable, capably crafted and produced and I do not wonder if they sell them well.
Live, the show, especially if you see them more than once – is not convincing. To the demanding music audience, at least.
Maybe, Il Divo is just in its low moments, everybody has them – I hope so because in the beginning the shows were a blast. I would definitely want to see those sometime again in the future.


Report and photo: Anastazija Vrzina