After exactly two years, the time came for the ‘Croatian Battalion’ delegation of the Croatian Sabaton fan club to go to a show in the neighbor Slovenia. So the five of us got into a car and headed to Ljubljana to support our favourite band.

Wisdom - Ljubljana, Kino Šiška, 12.03.2013We started our trip from Zagreb around 17h and arrived to the Kino Šiška hall, warming up with a couple of beers and right after the opening came in to support the excellent Hungarian power metal band Wisdom. They played a classic setlist of 7 songs and pleasantly surprised with a great sound and powerful power performance. We started listening to Wisdom at the beginning of the whole ‘Swedish Empire’ tour and we knew very well all of the songs, as did the majority in the audience which gathered and supported them all the way to the last rhythms. Along with their classic hits ‘Live Forevermore’, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Judas’, they also played a new track ‘War Of Angels’ which will find its place on the upcoming album.

1) Fallin’ Away From Grace
2)Somewhere Alone
3) War Of Angels
4) Live Forevermore
5) Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)
6) Wisdom
7) Judas

Eluveitie - Ljubljana, Kino Šiška, 12.03.2013After a 15 minute break and setting up the stage, the time came for Eluveitie. The Swiss band is promoting its latest album ‘Helvetios’, which is beloved by the Slovenians and proved it with an almost full hall. The first two songs ‘Helvetios’ and ‘Luxtos’ warmed up the gathered audience to the boiling point, shook its neck and caused it to chant aloud. The performance by  Eluveitiea was very good, despite a somewhat weak setlist in my opinion, but by performing the hits ‘Thousanfold’ and ‘Inis Mona’, proved once more that the Swiss musicians know what they are doing and that they are enjoying it. In the complete performance, it was obvious that Anna Murphy was missing with her instrument on ‘Hurdy-Gurdy’, and especially with her great vocals.

1) Helvetios
2) Luxtos
3) Thousandfold
4) Neverland
5) Santonian Shores
6) Home
7) Inis Mona
8) The Uprising
9) Uxellodunon
10) Havoc

Sabaton - Ljubljana, Kino Šiška, 12.03.2013Around half past ten, with the intro of the song ‘The Final Countdown’, lights are turned off in the hall and ‘lions from the North’ arrive. Joakim greets the audience as always before the song ‘Ghost Division’ and runs to the stage like a madman. After an intro of four tracks from the new album, they played the well-known hit ‘Cliffs Of Gallipoli’ from the album ‘The Art Of War’. On this tour, the audience gets a chance to pick the setlist, so the Slovenians picked ‘Attero Dominatus’ instead of ‘Into The Fire’, ‘Midway’ instead of ‘Uprising’, and due to many fan requests, the song ‘En Livstid I Krig’ instead of ‘Karolinens Bön’ in Swedish. It’s a custom on the show that the girls throw bras to Joakim, so this time it happened right after the intro song. Later, someone from the audience threw a pink T-shirt which Joakim wore and sang a song in it. After an hour of performance,  Sabaton briefly went off the stage and then it was time for the last three songs: ‘The Art Of War’, ‘Primo Victoria’ and ‘Metal Crüe’. The Slovenian audience showed it loves Sabaton very much and that it expects their return soon, which the guys from Sabaton promised to do.

1) Ghost Division
2) Gott Mit Uns
3) Carolus Rex
4) Poltava
5) Cliffs Of Gallipoli
6) Attero Dominatus
7) The Hammer Has Fallen
8) Midway
9) The Lion From The North
10) Swedish Pagans
11) En Livstid i Krig
12) The Art Of War
13) 40:1
14) Primo Victoria
15) Metal Crüe

Review and photo: Zlatko Lawless Vlašić