Only two months ago I saw SABATON for the first time, on the Masters Of Rock 2012 – and I was so impressed by that band that I told myself – I HAD TO see them again!

So I went to the Arena – full of anticipation of a great evening. Supporters were the sympathetic Hungarian power metal band WISDOM and one of my favourites: the Swiss band ELUVEITIE. Most of the people ask themselves: “Why ELUVEITIE as supporter for SABATON?”, and I though the same first, but you really have to say: ELUVEITIE know how to make the atmosphere tingle and to impress the crowd – perfect for every headliner which comes after!

But, back to the beginning: I didn’t know WISDOM before but after the first song – I only could say: I like them! Live they are amazing and the band appears as one of the most likeable one I’ve ever seen!  The guys really rocked the Arena and I’ve never seen at the first supporter such a good mood at the audience before – it was really amazing and you couldn’t stand still. And for the females: check them out – it is really something you like to look at 😉

After that gig I was a bit sad that it really was over – so the next time: please don’t manage them as the first band, they are really good and they have the have got what it take to perform longer on stage. (Probably not as a big Headliner yet, but the first supporter before the Headliner – why not!?)

So and then – ELUVEITIE entered the stage! With “Helvetios” they started the concert and you could feel that the audience was burning of excitement! Surely they were an unusual support for someone like SABATON but they really didn’t were the worst choice you could have made – no they were a brilliant choice! They played pagan-metal, of course, but the crowd liked it very much and you had to bang your head! Don’t think that I’ve ever seen the audience in the arena in such a good mood, and really everyone seems to enjoy it! The only thing I have to mention is, that when you’ve seen ELUVEITIE about the 10th time, you know the gig already before – but with the upcoming album everything will change a bit, and it will be better than before!

And now – we all waited for them the whole evening: SABATON started with their gig! With the song ‘The final Countdown’ from EUROPE the feeling started to tingle again and you could feel the excitement of the audience.

And then (after the second opener “The March to War”) SABATON started with “Ghost Division” – and I didn’t though that the mood could go any better than it was already before – but it could! The fun the band has to play live skipped over to the crowd.

Singer Joakim Brodén said more than once that it was the best concert on that tour so far – and you really believed that. Sadly that they were not allowed to use any pyros at this gig, but the Arena in Vienna is really too small for it – but the light-show was really good and made you forget the pyros.

With Songs like “Carolus Rex” or “40:1” they’ve made the audience to freak out and very special was “Karolinens Bön” which was fully performed in Swedish.

It was an evening full of good music, nice people, great bands and lot of fun – so nobody will forget it so fast or will enjoy something comparative. Thank you WISDOM, ELUVEITIE and of course SABATON for such a great evening!


Report & photo: Tamara Vodicka