Recently they played inZagrebfor third time, as support to giants of industrial metal Rammstein, and then they’ve decided beside in big arenas play also club shows and as part of short tour visit alsoLjubljana.
Deathstars is in the last 10 years loudest Swedish representative of the mixture of industrial and gothic metal that with its formula capture anyone who has sense for the seductive formula of sensibility, darkness and smell of industrial. That was shown once again in the club Gala Hala inLjubljana, despite claims that Thursday isn’t the best day to play concert.
Before Deathstars in front of only few visitors in Gala Hala played Swedish melodic metallers Marionette. Mounted on wings of today almost stigmatized Gothenburg sound these guys who gathered in 2005 at the moment all over Europe spread interesting mix of fresh and drinkable melodies that makes them very interesting band and some bit less drinkable screaming of their vocalist Alexander Andersson whose stage efforts should be appreciated. And here the story ends.

Soon after Marionette left the sage in front of the audience in solidly filled Gala Hala appear Deathstars. In recognizable outfit – tight pants, elements of military look in which the lead role has frontman Whiplasher Bernadotte with his cap and carefully with glitter coated make-up. So the madness can begin. The audience scream while the band appear on the stage with first ”Mark of the Gun” chords while total madness follow already with the second song, ”Motherzone”. The audience with the same enthusiasm welcome also ”Night Electric Night”, ”Tongues” (during which has Whip laid down on monitors in front of the stage and almost ended in the audience :D) and ”New Dead Nation” when from the stage fizzle mega and mega decibels of good sound and band devotedly transfer on the audience their message filled with atoms of sexual energy which especially delights girls in the first row who didn’t miss the chance to touch Whiplasher as high as their arms could reach, hmmmmmmm. Next songs are ”Chertograd”, ”Blitzkrieg”, ”Blood Stains Blonds” and thrusting in first rows is hard to bear, in some moments even on the edge of the incident while the band on the stage is sweating more and more and has less and less clothes on. The culmination of the concert are songs ”Metal” and almost transatic performance of ”Cyanide” in Whip’s style on his knees with the back on the floor. The audience was still in trance while Deathstars were leaving the stage. After calling them back the band is again on stage and opens the encore with ”The Revolution Exodus” and the atmosphere on the edge of explosion additionally warm up with concert closing songs ”Trinity Fields” and ”Death Dies Hard” and after the short thanking to gathered fans with smiles on their faces they left the stage.
Deathstars, despite the fact their new album and tour are still expected, eased the pain of their fans with another of their great performances that after the experience of tour with Rammstein even stronger and more convincing. So it’s pity there weren’t more Croatian fans to enjoy the show in this in so many things interesting Swedes in Gala Hala inLjubljanano matter to Thursday. But that’s why Slovenians did a great job!

Concert photo gallery is available HERE.

Report & photo: Ivana Sataić (