End of 2011 certainly marked the concert spectacle of which many rumored a months before. I think that without any remorse, we can all exclaim, finally! Zagreb got that honor. THRASHFEST Classics in Boogaloo was held this Monday,  December 12th 2011, five phenomenal, true thrash metal names Mortal Sin, Heathen, Destruction, Sepultura and Exodus have created more than a hot atmosphere. We arrived at Boogaloo  around 4 p. m. due to the interview  with great Gary Holt from Exodus, that you’ll be able to read very soon, and already seen a bunch of thrashers, not only older, but young kids as well. Some of them

managed to get signatures in backstage. Merchandise stands were more than rich, T-shirts there were various, then mostly newer editions of bands and also patches. Mortal Sin, Australian thrasher established in 1985, began to jam around 6 p.m. Many people didn’t watch them, but despite this, their energy was very positively focused, as if playing at a large open-Air. Their songs from albums “Mayhemic Destruction” and “Face of Despair” are really won over audiences and heat of the atmosphere inside the club began. Around 7 p.m, Bay Area artists Heathen occupied the stage. David White has a solid vocals, but they didn’t sound very well, and it seemed as if the guitar sound literally “swallowed” them. On stage excellent technique and style had guitarist Lee Altus who also played in the Exodus. In any case, one of the most convincing performance of that evening and even stronger than Destruction’s (from whom I

expected more), judged by communicating with the audience, and the dynamics of the stage. Their set-list consisted of the first two albums, “Breaking The Silence” and “Victims Of Deception”. Heathen are very good band with very catchy riffs, melodic guitar lines and plenty of memorable choruses, and if you’ve never listened them, be sure to check. The band had a longer pause, 2001. were re-formed and in 2010. recorded  a new studio album titled “The Evolution Of Chaos”. After 8 p.m. arrived Schmier’s  Teutonic horde, the legendary Destruction. That the band has full strength after so many years they have proven with their latest album “Day Of Reckoning” which got many positive reviews and it is often said that the band returned to its roots, it was so hot from the mayhem and the headbanging during their show, that many of us took of t-shirts with long sleeves and continued to dehydrate until the end of the show. But I expected a little bit more from the show, somehow they missed communication with the audience and dynamics. Schmier and Mike instumentally  alternated so precisely that they absolutely deserved my respect. However, after many years, I could see them finally for the first time. Set-list didn’t disappoint, they started with “Total Desaster”, so we continued to enjoy the classics, including “Satan’s Vengeance,” “Mad Butcher”, “Invincible Force”, “Bestial Invasion” and finally “Curse The Gods”. As I said, the crowd was

overheated and half dehydrated. Besides the uniformity of access of the band members in a few moments, on the performance I have no complaints. After about half an hour setting the stage for Sepultura, appeared around 9:15 Brazilian giant. This time it was the “old” Sepultura, Sepultura from the period of their best thrash sound, true thrash beginnings. So, Sepultura that you’ll probably never have a chance to see with such a set-list except on this tour. Legendary albums “Beneath The Remains”, “Arise” and “Chaos A.D.” got their new meaning with this tour. Led by energetic Derrick Green, who absolutely justifies all expectations live, they started with “Beneath The Remains”, and created a real delirium and compression of the audience during the “Territory”. When I heard “Dead Embryonic Cells”, “Mass Hypnosis” and “Inner Self” I thought it was all too good to be true. It was impossible not to notice the twenty years old Eloy Casagrande, a new drummer. The guy plays as he has many years of experience! An incredible talent. Sepultura has also prepared two big surprises. Beautiful, tribal, otherworldly performance of “Kaiowas” during which on drums other 4 band members joined them: Tom Hunting (Exodus), David White (Heathen), Luke Cook (Mortal Sin) and

Vaaver (Destruction).
The second surprise was Gary Holt (Exodus) on “Refuse / Resist”.  I think that everything Sepultura prepared delighted everyone. I know that I definitely was so pleased and I can confirm what I already know. I love Sepultura and I want to watch them live as much as possible! Around 11 p.m. icing on the cake: Exodus! They also shined by performing the old stuff from “Bonded By Blood”, “Fabulous Disaster” and “Pleasures Of The Flesh”. I could never quite get used to Rob Dukes, because for me the best vocalist was Steve Souza, but what he did was amazing! Excellent communication with the audience, vocal endurance…. I don’t know what to add, he really showed everything. Hits like “Fabulous Disaster”, “Brain Dead”, “Piranha”, “Bonded By Blood,” “The Toxic Waltz” and “Strike Of The Beast” in the end, didn’t leave anyone static. At one moment, on stage appeared a young man whom the security wanted to remove, of course, but Rob insisted and even gave him his microphone! Guy was excellent and I think that he’ll boast whole life. During the “Toxic Waltz” was so chaotic circle pit, and even though Rob’s cliched saying that “the best audience on the tour,” I think he couldn’t say nothing else, considering what the audience did. Finally, I must say that Sepultura and Exodus were the best that night. This isn’t just my subjective opinion, they really did their best. We can only hope to have similar event again in Zagreb, but the enjoyment of a chaotic show on Monday won’t surpass anything for a long time.



  1. Intro
  2. Beneath The Remains
  3. Territory
  4. Dead Embryonic Cells
  5. Desperate Cry
  6. Mass Hypnosis
  7. We Who Are Not as Others
  8. Altered State
  9. Infected Voice
  10. Subtraction
  11. Inner Self
  12. Kaiowas
  13. ( s Tom Huntingom, Vaaverom, Luke Cookom and Davidom Whiteom)
  14. Refuse/Resist
  15. (s Garyjem Holtom)
  16. Arise



  1. The Last Act of Defiance
  2. A Lesson In Violence
  3. Fabulous Disaster
  4. Brain Dead
  5. Exodus
  6. Deranged
  7. Pleasures of the Flesh
  8. Piranha
  9. Metal Command
  10. And Then There Were None
  11. Bonded By Blood
  12. The Toxic Waltz
  13. Strike Of The Beast


Report: Buna Bernarda Juretić

Photo: Elena Crnković