Interview: APOCALYPTICA (Eicca Toppinen)

EICCA TOPPINEN (Apocalyptica): “I can’t see any other band to replace us the way how we do this

On October 15th Apocalyptica is coming back to Croatia in support of their current studio album SHADOWMAKER which sees the band in a completely new light. The tour is already under way, but Eicca Toppinen took some time from the band’s hectic schedule to answer the questions we prepared for him.

PS He is also selling his cello so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact him 😉

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VENIA: Welcome back to our website! Couple of months ago we had a nice talk with Perttu about your latest studio album Shadowmaker which definitely marks a new era for the band. As the promo tour was being planned, had it maybe occurred to you to just play the album in its entirety?
EICCA: No, the show is a great mixture of songs from all times of the career of the band. Of course quite a lot of new songs though.

VENIA: Couple of weeks ago you played in Bulgaria in a very special place – Plovidv’s Ancient theatre. How did you like the atmosphere there? Many artists today, both metal and classical musicians, choose that place for celebrating special moments of their careers, Anathema and Opeth for example.
EICCA: That was a spectacular venue and it was actually our second time to play there. Absolutely a night to remember.


VENIA: For twenty years now you have remained a unique band on the metal scene worldwide. Does it feel lonely sometimes without any real competition, meaning there are no more cello-based metal bands (as far as I know)? For some people it is necessary to have healthy competition in order to grow, but with Apocalyptica that doesn’t seem to be such a big problem.
EICCA: Haha! Of course there is always competition for audience in general. People have limited amount of money and time and too many bands are on tour at the same time. But you are right, I can’t see any other band to replace us the way how we do this.

VENIA: As you’re coming back to Croatia, there is one question I need to ask. Have you heard of 2Cellos? If yes, how do you like their style? Media here often present them as a copy of Apocalyptica.
EICCA: I’ve heard about them and them playing. They are very good cellists. Their style reminds me about what we ask to do in the end of nineties but we wanted to go into original song-writing.


VENIA: In all this time of being a live musician, how do you see the difference between the fans today and twenty years ago, when you started out as a band?
EICCA: In the very beginning we obviously had mainly Metallica-fans, nowadays our audience is a big variety of different kinds of people and different ages, which is great.

VENIA: Being on tour for sure is a special experience every time you get back on the road. What was the most memorable moment you remember while touring? Do you maybe have any ‘crazy fan’ stories?
EICCA: Sometimes fans take this too seriously 😉 But our fans are usually really nice and behave well.

VENIA: How much equipment do you usually carry with you on tour? Only one cello per member or you carry spare instruments?
EICCA: We carry only one spare cello for full band but obviously we are carrying backline and big production.

VENIA: By the way, how big is you cello collection? Do you have a favourite?
EICCA: I have three cellos and I am trying to sell one of those as I do not have any use for it. So mainly I have my cello for shows and then nice older french cello for classical playing and recording.

VENIA: As for your third Croatian concert, do you have a message for your fans that are eagerly waiting your show?
EICCA: We are very happy to get back and really hope to see all our fans in the concert. It is going to be epic!

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