Interview: Helena Torstensson
Photo: Martina Tornemyr

Takida, a five-piece melodic rock band from mid Sweden, started out in 1999 and have worked hard becoming the national success they are today.
Takida have been touring all around Sweden and built quite a reputation as a solid live band. Their fan base has grown to something quite impressive.
Hultsfred Festival was a right place for interview with this band.

VENIA: How would you like to introduce your band to the Croatian audience?
ROBERT: We are a band from a small village in little Sweden who play rock with a lot of pop influences!

VENIA:  Which bands that has had influence on you creative work and style?
THOMAS: Well it is pretty different for everybody in the band but I know that personally I have listened to very much 80´s rock, I don’t know if I have to give any special bands but it was a pretty big time for bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. I have grown up with them and that has left its traces. But nowadays I still listen to a lot of very different kinds of music.
ROBERT: The 80´s is the greatest influense and the 80´s rock have left its traces but also a lot of American new rock.

VENIA:  What or whom inspires you when you write the lyrics/music?
ROBERT: The daily mood, if you feel good then you never write any music, you have to deal with it and that is something good with feeling bad. We are not a band that writes happy songs.

VENIA:  Do you write mostly to express your feelings or are there other reasons?
ROBERT: No it is a lot like that, I want to relive my heart, express myself through the music and lyrics and that is why I play.

VENIA:  What can you tell me about your latest record “Burry the Lies”?
THOMAS: Well what can we tell about that? We had a really good and fun time when we recordet it and we worked on a some different way, on our two latest records and especially on our last record we have been worked together more with creating the songs, we have all been more involved on a different way that we don’t worked like before and we think that has worked really good cause the result feels really good so that is one thing that is very exciting with the new record.

VENIA:  Which has been the major source of inspiration?
ROBERT: The pressure I think, it was not just fun it was also really tough to record it under this pressure! Especially writing the lyrics was hard, the pressure was maybe the biggest inspiration. It may sound strange but we had to force ourselves to create the songs and the lyrics. It worked so apparently you shall work under pressure also and that was a good experience.

VENIA: Which song/songs move you the most on the record?
ROBERT: Lyrically “Poisoned” it’s a nasty history. Song wise I like “Handlake Village” it is very much sadness in that song and it feels real in a way. Those two are the ones that moves me the most.
THOMAS: I also say the song “Poisoned” it is a rather serious history lyrically.

VENIA:  Which song/songs do you look forward to the most to sing live tonight?
THOMAS: I tend to like the song that we are going to open with tonight, a song that is called “Eveil Eye” it contains all the different elements that I think a good song shall have so I personally look forward to that one, it is usually fun.
ROBERT: Yeah that is a good one it is explosions from the start, it is a good way to start the show started. It does not matter that much which song it is but “Evil Eye” is good to open with.

VENIA: Do you have any plans for or started to work with a new record yet? ROBERT: Yes we have new material for a half album already and this autumn we will start recording I believe.

VENIA:  How do you chose the songs for your setlist?
ROBERT: Tempo is very important, it has happened a few times that we have flopped some on just the setlist because we have gone to far down in tempo so it is important to have variation. Also the guitars pitch has to work so that we don’t have to change guitars all the time and stuff like that.

VENIA:  What do you think about when you are on stage?
THOMAS: It is a lot of adrenaline “now we shall kick ass” that usually spurs us really good.

VENIA:  What is music to you and what does music means?
ROBERT: Music is half the life apart from family it’s music. Without music you are pretty empty so it means very much bout to practise it and to be able to express it and to listen to music. It is cool that there are so very much music that you can breathe through.

VENIA:  Is there something special you listen to?
ROBERT: No nothing special I listen to everything but classic music.
THOMAS: I am also listening to everything and I listen to a lot of music. What I listen to depends on which mood I am in, so if I am angry I listen to music that makes me gets rid of the anger. It is like Robert says it is really good and unbelievable that there is so much music that can help you with your mood whatever mood you are in.

VENIA:  Have your music taste changed?
THOMAS: Yes when I was young there were just hard rockers and synthers and as a hard rocker you could not listen to anything else. But it’s not really like that any more, there are no such borders now you can listen to everything.

VENIA:  How early did you realize that you wanted to be a musician, was it obvious that you should sing?
ROBERT: No Thomas and Mattias had a band and they took me to a band rehearsal with their band  Blowbal, they had pretty much just heard me talk and was looking for the little guy with the bas voice because they believed he could sing. So that was like a push in the back and I felt like this is fun! All my friends was into bands but I was just with them I did not practise anything. Then Thomas started the band that became Takida as a trio and when we recorded our first demo and got so good response for it I kind of felt like this is something I can work with but we never felt that it would be this big. We never believed that we should be able to live on it but now we have don that and it feels really great!

VENIA: How has the band affected your life?
THOMAS: Takida is the first thing you think about so of course life has changed some but you know we have been doing this for many years now and we have grown into it in a way, it has not just changed over a day. We have learned on the way here, if I look back 10 years I lived a pretty different live back then but we have had time to get used to this and to live with it.
ROBERT: It was a pretty long process we have bee thought everything from band fights to fights with the producers, breaks, changing of members and stuff like that. We have been together as a band since 1999 so we have gotten ourselves good experience on the way. It did not happened all at once, we have had the audience for a long time but we did not have a record contract until we wrote it in 2006 so that is new.

VENIA:  If you could change one thing about your career this far what would you choose?
ROBERT: I would like to be able to play more guitar, it would be fun to master a instrument some better and maybe even get to use it on stage but as it looks like now I need some more practise.
THOMAS: I would have fought us a better record deal on our first record label. If we could turn back time we would have done a lot of things differently but those stuff is what you learn from.

VENIA:  If you were hit by a car and lie dying on the ground – but you got to sing one song that people would remember you for, a song that would sum up you which song would that be?
ROBERT: “Alla älskar dig när du är död” by  Dia Psalma.  (Its a swedish group and song that means “Everyone loves you when you are dead”)

VENIA:  What are the good and bad things with touring?
ROBERT: The bad things are that so very irregular – eating and sleeping, you live in a bag but it is also something good cause you really appreciate to get home. One of the good things is that you long to get home haha. Oh well it is really fun we live for this to be on tour but the bad things are pretty thought, it’s not an easy life we live on tour and it takes on both body and mind.
THOMAS: I agree with Robert.

VENIA:  Do you have a message for your fans in Croatia? Would you like to go there and play?
ROBERT:: Oh yeah of course we do everything just to be able to come there and play! What does they want for message? Haha Take us there! We are so much more but Swedes! Hahahaha!
THOMAS: We love you! Haha!  Keep an eye open we come to you soon! We love you!

And the interview ends in laughter.
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