Interview: Maja Trstenjak (
Photo: Terhi Ylimainen

Sonata Arcitica, band whose hits like “Replica” or “Fullmoon” are loved by every fan of heavy genre, one of the most famous Finnish power metal bands and power metal bands in general, takes step forward and soon will release seventh studio album called “Stones Grow Her Name”. After we talked with Tony Kakko about the previous album, “Days Of Grays”, this time we talk about the new one with their legendary keyboardist, master of keyboard solo parts – Henrik Klingenberg.

VENIA: New album is coming out soon, can you please introduce it to our readers, what can they expect from it?
HENRIK: This time we had a more rock’n’roll attitude, so in addition to the typical Sonata sound the songs are more straight-forward and there are hardly any symphonic stuff, like on the last album for example. Also I think the songs are a bit shorted, but I’m not sure.

VENIA: Why is album called „Stones Grow Her Name“? Is title related to album plot?
HENRIK: The title is a modification on a line in a song called Alone in Heaven, which is on the album. The album is not a theme-album so it’s more related to that song as far as I know.Like a lot of times before, coming up with an album title is a bit hard….but once again we managed to do it 🙂

VENIA: Which song from the album is your favourite? Why?
HENRIK: Shitload of Money probably, because it’s a balls-out-rock’n’roll song. A big chorus, cool solos and a great groove, what more do you need ?

VENIA: Why is song „I Have A Right“ chosen to be first single from this album?
HENRIK: As usual, selecting the first single was a pain in the ass, we voted and talked and voted some more and then came to the conclusion that I have a right is a song that very well represent what’s going on on the album. There will be other singles as well, this is just the first one, and the first video as well.

VENIA: Tell me something about the album cover, what is the meaning behind it, what does it represent?
HENRIK: I don’t really want to spoil it for people, I think everyone can make up their mind what it represents to them personally. The coloring however reflects the overall feel of the album, Stones Grow Her Name is a more positive effort that our last album.

VENIA: How did recording process go?
HENRIK: It was a lot of work, as usual but of course it’s so much fun that you hardly notice it. We once again tried new techniques and new ideas and learned a whole bunch of stuff that we can use in the future. So, all in all a great learning and experimenting process and the album turned out very well.I’m extremely satisfied and proud of what we’ve done.

VENIA: You have also filmed a video, how was that experience? What is the story behind the video?
HENRIK: Yeah we already filmed the video for I have a right, it was very smooth and we worked with director Tuukka Temonen, which we have not worked with before. It was a really easy videoshoot this time, and we did our parts in Kemi, our hometown so I can’t remember that filming a music video has ever been this easy. The story is about childrens right to grow up and have a decent childhood, and our responsibilites as adults to make sure that happend, at least that’s how I understand the song, it can be that Tony ment something else with his lyrics….you never know.

VENIA: From your point of view, how has band changed and developed in musical sense throught the years, from „Ecliptica“ in 1999 until „Live In Finland“ in 2011?

After over ten years spent in this band, is this a perfect type of band that you want to play in?
HENRIK: There’s been a whole lot of changes and I hope the band will continue to evolve in the future as well. However the core of the Sonata Arctica sound is still there, the melodies, dramatic stories, some instrumental show-offs. I think as our tastes and vision changes over the years, it’s the perfect type of band for me, I get bored very easily and luckily that’s the case with the other guys as well so as we keep on renewing our selves and reinventing our approach every now and then, this will remain the perfect band to be in 🙂

VENIA: What are plans for future, can we maybe expect you in Croatia soon?
HENRIK: We’re just starting to work out the touring schedule, so I have no idea how it will go but I hope we’ll get to playCroatia soon as well. The next 2 years or so will basically be touring all over the world so that’s our plan right now and then I think it’s time to make the next album.

VENIA: In the end, do you have any message for Venia-Mag readers?
HENRIK: If you think we don’t play enough solos, check out my solo album Klingenberg Syndrome: …and the weird turned pro, there’s plenty of soloing on that, not only by me but by Elias as well. Other than that, keep your spirits up and thanks for the support !!!