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At the end of last millenium, Insense was founded in 1999 in Oslo. Through the years they have made their way to the top of Norwegian underground scene and about their quality speaks their manager, Swedish In Flames frontman, Anders Friden. They are releasing their fourth studio album „Burn In Beautiful Fire“ in April regarding what we have talked to Insense drummer, Truls Hugen.

VENIA: Since Croatian audience is not very familiar with Insense, how

would you introduce yourself to them, describe them your music?
TRULS: Well, we are norwegian, we play heavy music, we have released 3 albums so far, our 4th album, «Burn in

beautiful fire» will be released this april. We consist of 4 indiviuals, Tommy Hjelm on guitar and vocals, Martin Rygge on guitar, Ola Hana on bass and myself, Truls Haugen on drums, and I think we kick ass….hehe.


VENIA: Tell me something about the new album „Burn In Beautiful Fire“, what’s the meaning behind it?
TRULS: I don´t think there´s any special meaning behind the album besides that it´s a great record. The greatest record we´ve made so far and the record that will get us the farthest we´ve ever been.


VENIA: How does the name of an album reflects to an album plot?
TRULS: I don´t believe there´s a correlation between the album-title and the album-plot on this record. The only thing is that there´s a song on the album that is called Burn In Beautiful Fire and the album has the same title. It is Tommy who has written all the lyrics and has come up with the album-title so I guess if there´s a plot it is inside Tommy´s twisted mind…. J


VENIA: How did the recording process go?
TRULS: It was alot of work with this album,  from the pre-productions, the rehearsals and to the recording. I think we used about a year on whole process. The recording was stressful month for the rest of the guys…. ( I was done after three days…hehe). Big thanks you Danne Bergstrand for holding up.


VENIA: Compare „Burn In Beautiful Fire“ to your previous releases.
TRULS: First of all, it´s far superior to anything we´ve ever written and recorded. It´s strong from start to finish. I´m very proud of our previous albums but I think on this one we managed to get everything right.


VENIA: What inspires you to write songs/play music, which are your music influences?
TRULS: We are a big melting pot when it comes to musical influences. We are influenced by  everything from death metal to pop music. I guess our influences makes us sound like we do. Tommy and Ola has a death metal background, Martin has a Indierock and hardcore background and I have a progressive metal background. Mixed together it sounds like Insense.


VENIA: How did the audience accept the material live? How does the audience react on your live performance in general?
TRULS: I consider us a great live-act. In the past our liveshows were quite brutal and had a tendency to end in broken bones and instruments . Nowadays it´s less brutal but I guess more intense and more focused. People always seem to enjoy our shows and the new material so far has worked out great live.


VENIA: Tell me, how does typical Insense song come to life?
TRULS: We are collabarative when it comes to writing music. We all make riffs and ideas and record at home. Then we send the ideas to each-other and we jam on the best ones at rehearsal. We have a very good chemistry when it comes to songwriting.


VENIA: You are from Norway, country that has really strong and famous metal scene. What does it take to get recognized, to get the attention among all big metal bands? What makes you different from all those bands?
TRULS: First of all, we do not play black metal and we don´t dress up like we have robbed the costume-set from the movie Narnia or something. We are regular guys in regular clothes who play heavy music and I think we stand out from the rest of the norwegian bands.


VENIA: For the end, write your message to Venia-Mag readers.
TRULS: Thank you for supporting us and keep supporting!