BRAINSTORM (Milan & Torsten)

Interview: Alen Žižak
Photo: Martina Šestić –

Before the concert in Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb, 30.09., I had the chance to interview the guitarists of Brainstorm: Milan Loncaric and Torsten Ihlenfeld. I met Milan two years ago after their first concert in Zagreb, so I had an opportunity to unofficialy ask him all the questions I wanted. This time I did it officialy, and this time also with Torsten.

BrainstormVENIA: You’re third time here in Croatia. How do you like it? How are the fans here?
Torsten: We like it. We grew up with Milan (haha), he showed us his family and everything. We just love to come back here.

VENIA: How did the fans react to new album, Firesoul?
Milan: So far great, the sales are great too.

VENIA: I must ask this, as a long time fan. When will you play something from the first two albums?
M&T: When they pay us to, we will (haha).

VENIA: How do you choose your setlist? How do you keep the balance between the new and the old songs?
T: It’s not easy. We have 10 albums so we must play some classics and of course, we want to play some new stuff. With this tour we’re promoting a new album, and we can’t play every song every day live. Some songs kill the mood of the concert.

VENIA: Do you have argues within the band about the setlist?
T: With some songs everybody is happy, but mostly everyone has its favorite. Then the discusions starts… But at the end, it’s all the decision of the band. First we must see is the songs a good live song, and the only way to find that out is to play it live. On tour the setlist always changes because of that.

VENIA: Who is responible for music and who for the lyrics?
T: Music is up to us (Milan and Torsten). When we compose the music, we reherse is with Tony i Dieter. The lyrics are up to Andy, so he could know what’s he singing about (haha). We know him for a very long time and he always triest to make some sense out of the lyrics.

BrainstormVENIA: You have pretty unique guitar soung. How did you come up with that?
T: We love oriental harmonies, so on the three albums we experimented a lot with that. Those are Ambiguity, Soul Temptation and Liquid Monster. I think for that point on, we were always doing that.

VENIA: Any new live material soon?
T: The whole second CD on limited edition of new album, Firesoul, is live CD, but anything except that is not in plan..

VENIA: Can you make enough money for living in music industry?
M: No. There’s five of us, and everybody has its family, everyone has his daily job. If it were only one or two of us, then maybe. But, if the Firesould keeps selling this way, then who knows?

VENIA: What can we expect from tonight’s concert?
M: A very good live show.

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