The British punk band The Anti-Nowhere League have been around for a while, so they were the perfect choice for celebrating 30 years of punk on Vive le Punk! Vol. 2. They’ve recently shot a video for the song ‘Mother, You’re A Liar’, from their newest album ‘The Road to Rampton’ that is to be released on 1st of June. We’ve talked to Animal, leader and singer of the band, about the new album, tour and recent gigs in Croatia.

VENIA: You’re currently on tour? How are things going on the road?
ANIMAL: We always seem to be on tour somewhere nowadays, so it is just a ‘normal day’ at the office! for us…. it is still a buzz and I think I am pretty lucky to be able to live a lifestyle that I enjoy… long live punk.

VENIA: Did you enjoy the show on Viva la Pola! 2006 festival? It was pretty cool to see you onstage with Tusta from Kud Idijoti, and the audience liked it very much. How was it for you?
ANIMAL: We loved the ‘Viva la Pola’ show as we always do when we come to your part of the world… you have always welcomed us with open arms, hopefully it will continue….. I am hoping Tusta will come on stage with us again this time… they are a great band, we will certainly be partying for a few days with Kud Idijoti.

VENIA: How much importance do you give today to Metallica’s cover of So What?
ANIMAL: A lot of bands have covered our songs and yes I get a ‘kick’ out of it but some of the different versions could take on Metallica I think… just another band who we know to us… although they have a bit more money than most!!!

VENIA: ANWL seem to always have liked playing in this part of Europe. How does it feel to play here now? Do you think there’s a special bond between ANWL and the fans here?
ANIMAL: As I have said we have always had a special bond ever since our ‘Live in Yugoslavia’ album in the early eighties we have always felt a bit like we were ‘Coming home’ when we arrive on your shores….

VENIA: What do you expect from the upcoming gig in Zagreb on Vive le Punk! Festival?
ANIMAL: We will certainly play our best … the rest is up to you lot…we will have a great night.

VENIA: I’ve seen your newest video for “Mother you’re a Liar!”. How did you choose that particular location for shooting the video?
ANIMAL: It is just a ‘clip’ from our up and coming album called ‘The Road to Rampton’….. we were lucky enough to have a friend who knew about the house, ghosts and all…. the new album is a ‘journey’ through life from the eyes of a disturbed child, has 16 tracks and will be released on the first of June…… Rampton, by the way is England’s top security prison where they send the most violently mentally insane… kinda pleasant yes?

VENIA: How come you set up your own record company, Nowhere Records?
ANIMAL: We had to because we as like everybody gets ‘ripped-off’ in the music scene so we do it all ourselves… it takes a bit longer to produce recordings but at least they are honest!

VENIA: What about the new album?
ANIMAL: I think I have already answered that, yes?

VENIA: What do you think about today’s UK punk scene?
ANIMAL: I don’t think I have ever thought about it as a ‘scene’…. it’s just the way I live my life…. I do think though that the people around the world have come more ‘personal’ like… more hardened to punk than just a fashion thing.

VENIA: Are there any new, young bands that you like? What do you mostly listen to nowadays?
ANIMAL: There are a lot of young bands that support us along the way…. most have something to offer… I think I like the idea that young lads are up there doing it… it aint rocket science so they say!!!! good luck to them.

VENIA: You have the history of the band up until 2002 on your website. Can you tell us what were the ANWL doing between 2002 and 2007? Any new “infamous League stories” to tell?
ANIMAL: When I get time I will up-date our site… its on the list of things to do…. I do have a lot more stories to add but nowadays I probably watch the antics more than I do them … if you know what I mean!

VENIA: Do you have a message for your Croatian fans?
ANIMAL: Put the beers on ice, lock up your mothers, the ‘Boyz are back in town……… take it eazy…. ANIMAL.   

VENIA: Animal, thank you for this interview. See you all soon onstage, we’re all looking forward to the show!