Interview:  Tamara Vodicka

Amaranthe is Swedish/Danish band that in its music fuses melodical metal and pop melodies. They already have two albums beside and two successful European tours (two years ago we could meet them in Zagreb as well) and the chance to talk about albums, concerts and plans for future we had with the drummer Morten Ioewe.

Amaranthe Album shotsVENIA:Your debut album was released in 2011 and after that followed the big tour with Hammerfall, so how is it today for you to enter the stage and stand before such a big crowd? Are you used to it or is it every time a new experience and exciting?
MORTEN IOEWE:  By playing so many shows, we have definitely gained a lot of experience. But every stage and every audience is different to some degree, so we never know what to expect. So no two shows are exactly the same. But even when we are used to it we still give 110 percent each time, no matter how tired we are. And we are always having a lot of fun on stage and it seems like the audience is too.

VENIA: From zero to a sensation – that’s how people describe the career of Amaranthe. How does that feel? Goes it too fast sometimes?
MORTEN: Well, it has definitely been going pretty fast. But at the same time we have all been in several serious bands before, so we are not completely new to this. We are just very greateful that so many fans have picked up on us in a relatively short amount of time. I woulndt´say that it gets too much at all. This is what we always wanted to do and now we got this amazing opportunity, so its all about seeing how far we can take this dream that we have. And of course it’s always different when you are in the middle of it all the time, then you don’t´see the bands success the same way as someone outside the band.

VENIA:  How was it to play with bands like Stratovarius and Hammerfall?
MORTEN: The tour with Hammerfall was a very important tour for us. We played a lot of shows and got more comfortable on stage and we got a lot of exposure in Europe. And we played a lot of new countries where we had never played before. Right now we are on a co-headlining tour with Stratovarius. The tour has definitely been great so far. We now play a full set every night. 70 minutes versus 30-45 on our previous tours. Stratovarius are all great guys, so we are defnitely having tons of fun on this tour, and everybody gets along very well. Plus the shows have been very well visited by the fans.

VENIA: “The Nexus“  is your second studio album, how was it to record it?
MORTEN: Well, it was a lot of hard  work actually. We spent around two months in Denmark with Jacob Hansen. We didn’t´have time to jam the songs in a rehearsal room before recording, so we pretty much went straight to the studio from the road. Not all the songs were written even, but we were very inspired during the recording,  so a lot of good stuff came out of it.

VENIA: The idea from the artwork, who had it? And why? Is there a story behind it?
MORTEN: The cover artwork was created by the brilliant Gustavo Sazes who also did the cover artwork for our first album. He knew exactly what we wanted. We wanted to have something very futuristic, because that’s what the lyrics, the music is about.

VENIA: Which is your favourite song from the new album? And why?
MORTEN: It’s very difficult to just pick one, but my favourite song to play from the new album so far has been “The Nexus” which is a very busy song to play,  but also “Burn With We” is a favourite. I like the groove and the slow tempo is welcome between all the fast paced songs we have.

VENIA: And which one is your favourite from both albums? And why?
MORTEN: I´ve always loved playing “My Transition” live and also “Hunger” of course. It always gets the audience jumping! But its difficult to pick a favourite, cause it changes all the time.

VENIA: Are there plans or wishes for bringing out a live DVD in the future? Or is this too early to ask?
MORTEN: We definitely have to do a live dvd one day! That’s the ultimate goal for me personally. We don’t´have any concrete plans at the current moment, but I will personally push for it sometime in the future!

VENIA:  Seeing all your fans and they all know you and want to have photos and autographs after the show, how is that for you?
MORTEN: That’s something we have always done. We like to connect with our fans and usually we meet with them after the show or to a meet and greet / signing session. Sometimes it can get a little caotic, but its always worth it.

VENIA: Are there plans for a headliner-tour?
MORTEN: Oh yes, there is!

VENIA: For future gigs, is there the wish for having some pyro equipment on stage?
MORTEN: Yes definitely! Ultimately we want to build our stageshow to a much higer level, incorporating all kinds of pyros, explosions etc…!

VENIA: The gig in Vienna on March 26th – how was it? The audience was pretty wild….
MORTEN: Yes, they were a little lazy in the beginning, but eventually everyone jumped in call out my name!

VENIA: Music piracy – is it a problem for you or do you say real fans would by the album if they like it?
MORTEN: Well, it’s of course a problem for the music industry, which makes it a problem for all the bands too. But it seems like the problem are getting smaller now that services like spotify has taken over quite a bit. At least for the labels. Of course you always hope that the fans will buy the album if they really like it. And it really does make a difference to the bands recording the cd´s.

VENIA: Funny story of the tour?
MORTEN: Oh, its difficult to pick one! And then there is the saying “what happens on tour stays on tour” so it’s a little closed for the public unfortunately! But we always do this last show on the tour prank, and on the last tour we actually brought tables on the stage and ate pizza and drank beer. So now we have to come up with something new for Stratovarius on the last gig.

VENIA: Any last words for your fans in Austria and Croatia?
MORTEN: ‘Looking forward to coming back later this year. We will play at Novarock in Austria, so if you are going there, then go see us!
To our fans in Croatia; we had a blast the last time we played there with Hammerfall in 2011, so we definitely wanna come back sooner than later!

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