IMEPRIAL + AUSTRIAN + INDUSTRIAL is logo under which Thomas Reiner combines heavy sounds of industrial and techno which usually end up as one of the greatest hits in European electro scene. When he released EP “Kunst ist Krieg” in 2007, single “BoomBoomBoom” was played everywhere around the world and announced how still young Nachtmahr will be big name of electro-industrial scene. After first album “Feuer Frei” was released in 2008. from which song “Katharsis” became new club hit, album has stayed in Deutsche Alternative Charts (DAC) for over six week in top 10 position and famous Germany dark electro and industrial magazine, Orkus, has described this wild electro newborn as a new electro-industrial genre standard. In 2009 with “Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit”, Nachtmahr has reached top postion of DAC, and same-titled single, along with megahit “Tanzdiktator” has hit every underground dancing podium. Year after, Nachtmahr is once again on top positions of DAC with album “Semper fidelis” and Thomas Rainer continues in the heavy sound and doesn’t stay calm in 2011 when he releases single “Can You Feel The Beat?” with which he announces another album full of heavy, fast and aggressive beats. Nachtmahr live performances are energetic and setlists fantastic.

If you like this kind of music, make sure you come to Boogaloo club on March 9th 2012 when Thomas Rainer will hitZagreb’s most famous dance podium.


Text: Tamara Dujmović