Publisher: Napalm Records
Release date: 7 Oct 2016
Genre: hard rock
Rating: 4.5/5

Three years have passed since Fortress was released so it was high time for a new Alter Bridge album. The Last Hero is one of this year’s heaviest hard rock releases judging by the first rock riffs of the opening song “Show Me The Leader”. Lyrically and vocally the band has also made a big step toward a more recognisable identity thanks to one of the best male vocalists of our time – Myles Kennedy. The social engagement of the album cannot be overlooked, for instance “The Writing On The Wall” refers to that portion of the population that deny global warming, and the album, if viewed as a concept, strongly speaks about today’s world leaders and the direction in which they are taking our world while we passively observe the disappearance of everything we love and care about. On the other hand, the musical component featuring the fantastic Myles Kennedy and the impressive Mark Tremonti is based on heavy guitar arrangements of the modern hard rock sound that exudes strength, endurance, and the genre’s entire range, as heard in “The Other Side”. The quality of Myles Kennedy needs no words; the sheer expressiveness of his vocals is clearly evident in Cradle To The Grave”.

In terms of musical elements The Last Hero is a step forward for Alter Bridge and one of those albums built on a solid basis while branching the band’s sound in new directions. On the other hand, Alter Bridge stay true to their roots which is evident in Losing Patience”, while Kennedy’s  vocal lines and expressions in the somewhat melancholic song This Side Of Fate” momentarily stop time and ask for full commitment and attention. “You Will Be Remembered” throws Alter Bridge in more mainstream waters, while “Crows On A Wire” returns their fierce and raw hard rock sound, satisfying even the greatest thirst for music that quickly races through the veins and attacks as fast as a shark. “Twilight” slows down the album tempo by a notch, while “Island Of Fools” presents Alter Bridge in their usual form: tough, dynamic, and loud. The title track “The Last Hero” rounds off the album and confirms the unique sound of Alter Bridge in today’s music scene.

The Last Hero is an album that respects the band’s roots, supremely reigns over Alter Bridge’s present, and guarantees loud and exciting hard rock future. With this album Alter Bridge have found their synergy and cohesion and sparked pure hard rock enjoyment in their audience. The Last Hero is certainly one of this year’s best music albums which will definitely be played at full blast.

Track listing:

  1. Show Me A Leader
  2. The Writing On The Wall
  3. The Other Side
  4. My Champion
  5. Poison In Your Veins
  6. Cradle To The Grave
  7. Losing Patience
  8. This Side Of Fate
  9. You Will Be Remembered
  10. Crows On Wire
  11. Twilight
  12. Island Of Fools
  13. The Last Hero

Review: Ivana Sataić – ivana@venia-mag.net
English translation: Zorana Stanko

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